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BlackSofa is a brand new type of architectural recruitment agency. A new fresh approach, yet with years of experience behind it.

At the core of our approach is a fabulous line up of talent. Every member of our team comes with almost unbeatable credentials; in fact the team has over 50 years combined top-flight architectural and recruitment experience.

The foundations for our future success will come from a very simple philosophy: only hire the very best so we can give you the very best.

Giving you the very best means building careers that go way beyond expectations.


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Steve Buss 19th Aug 2020

“Seinfeld” is a ‘90s sitcom that became a huge hit in the States.

Confusingly Jerry Seinfeld himself is a pretty lame stand-up, but just ignore that.

Anyways, it’s back on Amazon Prime so here’s a shortlist of the funniest episodes and some of the most famous comedy episodes of any US TV.

Written by Larry David who moved on to write and star in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, Seinfeld is pretty much “Curb Your Enthusiasm: Lighter, Funnier, Better”.

Actually, Seinfeld might as well be called “The Elaine, George and Kramer Show” as Jerry Seinfeld is the weakest link:

Elaine – Jerry’s ex-. Played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus from VEEP. No 1 funny person on the show.

George and his Italian American parents – dad Frank played by Ben Stiller’s dad, Jerry Stiller.

Kramer – the kooky neighbour.

The following episodes are the classics. I watched these during lockdown and they’re still fresh. Most episodes throughout series 4-7 are decent but really you only need to watch these 12 episodes and then move on.

The 12 funniest episodes are:

  • The Contest (season 4)
  • The Hamptons (season 5)
  • The Opposite (season 5)
  • The Pledge Drive (season 6)
  • The Fusilli Jerry (season 6)
  • The Wink (season 7)
  • The Gum (season 7)
  • The Doll (season 7)
  • The Bizarro Jerry (season 8)
  • The Little Kicks (season 8)
  • The Susie (season 8)
  • The Yada Yada (season 8)

Perhaps finish up with “Highlights of a Hundred” (season 6’s clip highlights episode).


Written by Richard Maddox